Ars Imāgō

Profound Images

An image can be visceral and loud
as an angry crowd.

Clever, as kittens whisker after string,

Striking, as the toll-worn bell
on sunday morning, past fears of hell —

An image can be spotless
As the leopards hide.


An image can be nothing at all
As the free fall,

Keeping, as the bird releases
Twig by twig into love-enchanted nest,

Being, a vivid body of shadow and light,

Forever still in form and sight,

An image can be motionless in time
As the mind rewinds.


An image can not be equal to;
Yet can bet true.

For every moment - lost and found.
Remember splendor - sight and sound.

For you,
The endless skys and lights above the sea —

An image was,
so now you see.