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Picture of Minister Stretch Sanders. Audio From Hood to Hood 6-20-2020

New Era Nation Creed

One Man,
One Woman,
One Child,
One Community At A Time,
Until We Are One,
United Race

First Responders of the Hood

  • Supplying Black Communities with Essential Supplies
    - Water, Toilet Paper, Food, Books, School Supplies, etc.
  • Spreading the good news of Black Power
  • Peaceful Protest
  • Health and Wellness
  • Educational Support
  • Financial Literacy
  • Singing, Dancing, Chanting

What You Can Do.

Donate Supplies, Time, and Money
(Cash App: $ServingThePeople).  

Get Involved!

Facebook and Instagram for upcoming events.


If you want to collaborate with New Era Las Vegas, or make a significant donation, please contact Minister Stretch Sanders (email).

All Power To The People


Image from the We Deserve To Live Rally, March, and Candlelight Vigil for George Floyd (full album)

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